Wednesday Reflection – Pastor Amanda McGlynn (5/26/2021)

What a joy it is to witness God’s abundance. This time of year, it is full of abundance for many – an abundance of rain and the green landscape it brings, an abundance of harvest from spring crops, an abundance of both tests and then relief that come with the end of a school year. Abundance is all around us. 

This week our church got to witness abundance through our Junk in My Trunk fundraiser. This event was one that gained traction slowly. I remember at its introduction, we wondered if we would have enough families participating to even make it worth doing. Yet, as word spread and time ticked closer, our church began to swell with the abundance of donations that came from members, family, friends, friends of friends, and even a business. By Sunday morning, we had more donations than we had room for. This sale we thought we would not have much to sell in, filled our church building with items, but also with fellowship, excitement, and many new visitors who would likely not have crossed our doorstep otherwise. We met some of our neighbors, practiced hospitality, raised over $650 for our youth, and had enough left over that we get to do it all again next week. 

When the church is passionate about our mission, abundance follows. Abundance not just in material matters, but also in time, energy, joy, excitement. Helping kids get to camp is an easy thing to rally around, because we know what an impact Christian education and faith formation have, and because we believe our children deserve that opportunity. What else are we passionate about, Joyful Life? How else can we find new opportunities to invite our neighbors in, to get out into our community, to spread the word and the invitation to come be a part of what the Spirit is nudging us to do? This week has made me joyful – first, because we came together and were met with abundance, second, because I am reminded of the potential for our little church to do big things, and third, because I am excited to see what the Spirit will do with us next. 

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