Memories in the Making

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We enjoy sharing our photos of what we are doing at Joyful Life. We would love to have you join us in making memories and sharing the love of Jesus with those you know. If you have photos you would like us to share, please e-mail them to

Congratulations Confirmands 2022

Easter 2022

Ash Wednesday 2022

Teaching the children about the ashes and their significance.

Christmas gifts for a family in need.

Pastor Jay has settled into his office.
Christmas Goodies for the Children (2021)

Rummage Sale Donations (10/2021)

Helping out our Friends of Wildlife group with donations (September 2021)

Congratulations Jade & Trinity (Baptism 7/18/21)
Easter Sunday (4/4/21)
Working hard making Easter baskets for the children.
We are ready for everyone. He is risen!
That’s a lot of baskets. 🙂
They are awesome. We are ready for the children. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out.
The band is ready, too.
SOS Volunteer Day 3/26/21
Thank you to our volunteers (Deb, Pastor Cole, Pastor Amanda, Mike, and Shelly) 🙂
Family Communion Class 3/21/2021
Hard at work making the communion wafers for Easter.
The communion juice looks delicious!
Wrapping things up at the end of class.
Trying what we made. It tastes great!
Wrapping things up with group prayer.
You can make it at home, too.
Band Appreciation Day – March 2021
We love you!!!
Everyone loves an appreciation breakfast 🙂
Gifts for everyone!

Palm Sunday (3/28/21)

The church is ready.
Patiently waiting for the fun to begin.

Christmas Greetings – 2020

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