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Joyful Life Café – Following Worship

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7:00pm

Sunday Sermon: 10/11/2020

One of the many gifts scripture gives us is the ability to stand back, thousands of years later, and learn how countless generations have known and encountered God. Even looking at the experience of more recent generations, you can see how God has been active in different people’s lives in different ways. My faith isContinue reading “Sunday Sermon: 10/11/2020”

Sunday Sermon

October 4, 2020 Vineyards aren’t something that I can very easily picture or relate to. My mind automatically jumps to old black and white movies where Italian grandmas in floral aprons are stomping barefoot on grapes in giant wooden barrels. But for the people of Israel, especially in Jesus time, vineyards and the grapes theyContinue reading “Sunday Sermon”

Worship Announcement

WE ARE OPENING THE BUILDING AGAIN FOR SERVICE THIS SUNDAY!  You might ask yourself, who will be leading the service? Well this Sunday, we will have an abbreviated version of worship by your church council, band members, and audio-visual technician. Come out donning your mask and hear what is in store for Joyful Life in the next coupleContinue reading “Worship Announcement”

Holy Ground

Exodus 3:1-12; Matthew 16:21-28 – August 30, 2020 INTRODUCTION TO EXODUS 3:1-12 There arose a “Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.” He oppressed the Hebrews and asked them to make bricks without straw. This new Pharaoh was threatened by the sheer numbers of the Hebrew slaves and issued an edict that all the Hebrew baby boysContinue reading “Holy Ground”

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