Make Disciples – Psalm 40, John 1:29-42

January 19, 2020 Sermon Welcome.I thank you for extending me the call to serve as your interim bass player and pastor for the next six months and counting. I say “and counting” because my first call to be an Interim Pastor was at Westminster Presbyterian in Odessa, Texas in 2010. It was a 9 monthContinue reading “Make Disciples – Psalm 40, John 1:29-42”

Wednesday Bible Study on Immigration Issues

Mr. Robert Rivera, leader of the Gulf Coast Synod AMMPARO taskforce and Vice President of the Synod Council, will lead a discussion of immigration issues on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 7 PM at Joyful Life Lutheran Church. This is an opportunity to learn about the issues and help discern where God may be leading usContinue reading “Wednesday Bible Study on Immigration Issues”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a “Sanctuary Denomination.” What does this mean?

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 7 PM, our Bible study will discuss the faith implications of being part of a Sanctuary Denomination and what this means for for Joyful Life as we serve all in our community through love and fellowship. The following text is from the ELCA website and includes a link to “TalkingContinue reading “The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a “Sanctuary Denomination.” What does this mean?”

September Food Pantry

During the month of September, we are looking to stock the shelves with soup and cereal. While at the grocery store, please consider picking up a few cans of soup or boxes of cereal and bring them with you to worship on Sundays.