2020 Foresight

We’re familiar with 2020 hindsight.  To survive this pandemic we are going to need to practice 2020 foresight….for 2020.

I am fortunate.  Growing up in Texas I’ve survived 16 hurricanes, (from Alice in 1954 to Harvey in 2017). The greatest loss I sustained was losing the pear tree that grew up next to our garage.  That tree fell when Hurricane Carla hit Houston in 1961.  I used that tree to climb on our garage and count stars at night and watch the car dealership floodlights circle the summer sky. 

I survived being broadsided by Mack Truck on Highway 59 in 1983. I had 4 broken ribs, an open left cheek and a cracked skull.  I survived by inches.  I survived being blindsided by a malignant melanoma on my left temple in 1999.  I survived by .04 millimeters.  I survived a fall trying to stride a slimy puddle when I did the splits and broke my leg but not my head because I had a guitar on my back. The guitar was my air bag. It was cracked but it was repaired.  It was better to crack the guitar than to crack my skull again.

I’m working hard to survive Corona by practicing 2020 foresight, but in the end, one day my earth suit will no longer serve me. Until that day comes I will do my best to love the Lord with all I’ve got and love my neighbors at least as much as I love and take care of myself.

I’m writing this on Tuesday as I listen to County Judge Hidalgo share about the steps we will be taking as we look to come out of our homes and back into our world. She said emphatically, “The virus is still here.”  It will be continue to be here.  Until we have a vaccine we will have to continue to do all we can to limit its effect. 

The limited success we have achieved in surviving this virus has been accomplished by staying apart from each other.  As we take steps to become more physically closer to one another we have to take great care that the virus will not gain a second foothold.  I read an email by Gerald Evans this morning that calls for our Council to gather this Saturday for the next taping of our worship service to discuss the steps we will take and when we will take them. 

As far as I am aware, we at Joyful Life Church have been fortunate.  We have not had anyone of our membership or their families contract the virus.  We have not had anyone that has lost their employment.  We are grateful for the hard work that Agnes, Anne, Courtney, Meredith, and Susan have given as they have been on the front lines of medical care.  We are grateful for those who have been able to go to work to provide services like carry out meals and grocery stores and pharmacies, and those who have been bringing supplies to our doors.  We are grateful for those who have been fortunate enough to be able to work at home from behind closed doors. We are grateful for public servants who are struggling to make the crucial decisions to benefit the most people possible. We grieve with all who have lost jobs and loved ones who have not been as fortunate as we–the 56,293 in our country that have lost their lives, and the reported 195,810 deaths worldwide as of April 28, 2020 (See https://covid19info.live/

One of the ways I have been passing the time behind my closed doors has been to record a song a day and put it on Youtube and share it on Facebook.  I’ve been calling them “Covid-eos.” I’m up to song #31. I’ve enjoyed recording them, but I’ve also enjoyed hearing from friends who have responded to them.  My song for Tuesday is called Survivors/Hereaftershock.  Survivors is one of my compositions.  “Hereaftershock” is my title for my putting music to a poem I found called “The Best Poem in the World” by David Nixon 1996. 

Here’s the link for that song should have nothing better to do with your next 5 minutes and 3 seconds.  You’ll have to copy and paste the link into your browser to be able to view and hear it.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUnfnYQwnRc

(P.S, I think I fixed the link for Pastor, if so, you should be able to click on the link above)  (If not, you will have to copy and paste into your browser.)

Here’s to hoping we will all continue to be fortunate as we practice … 2020 foresight.

P.S.      Here’s the lyrics for those who do not have 5:03 to listen

                                   Survivors- jim gill

        1.  We born with bodies designed to grow strong

             and the more that we use them the more that goes wrong,

             our joints wear out and the wrinkles appear

             but still we remain in good cheer….cause

          We are Survivors! We refuse to be whiners!

                     the flesh may be weak but the spirit is strong

                     We are Survivors! Though we may have felt finer,

                      to spend time complaining is wrong!

      2.  There’s been many a mile been put on our bones

           and many a smile graced our face.

           and with our friends beside us we’re never alone

           and together we can run the good race.

          We are Survivors! We refuse to be whiners!

                      the spirit is strong though the flesh may be weak

                     And when it comes to needles

                    though we may be feeling feeble.           

                       we keep turning the other cheek.

           BRIDGE: George Bernard Shaw said statistics show

                           that one out of one dies. 

                         But when we shed our earth suits

                          We’ll fly to the light and who we really are will survive.

Yes we’ll be survivors, there’ll be no place for whiners

                     The flesh will be gone but the spirit lives on

                     Yes we’ll be survivors and we’ll never have felt finer

                     And the strain and the pain will be gone.

                      And the joy and the peace will roll on



                           Music and adapted lyrics by jim gill

                     “The Greatest Poem In The World”- by David Nixon (1996)

  1.  I was shocked, confused, bewildered as I entered Heaven’s door,

          Not by the beauty of it all, nor the lights or its decor.
          But it was the folks in Heaven that really blew my mind

          the thieves, the liars, the sinners, the politicians and their kind.      

There stood the kid from 7th grade who swiped my lunch money twice.

           Next to him was my old neighbor, who never said anything nice.

           And Herb, who I always thought would rot  away in hell

           Was sitting pretty on cloud 9 looking incredibly well.

Bridge: I nudged  Jesus, ‘What’s the deal? I would love to hear Your take.

            How’d all these sinners get up here?  There must be some mistake.

            And why’s everyone so quiet, so somber, can you give me a clue.’

           “Hush, my child, ‘they’re all in shock.  No one thought they’d be seeing you

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