It’s Time For Oktoberfest

Guten Tag!!!

On Sunday, October 27th we will celebrate the 502nd anniversary of the Reformation with our Oktoberfest. After church, we will have a potluck lunch of German dishes and beers. If you would like to participate, and we hope you do, listed below are some traditional German dishes below for you to think about bringing: 

Meats – bratwurst, schweinebraten (pork roast), wiener schnitzel, and frankfurters

Vegetables – potato pancakes, potato dumplings, red cabbage,and sauerkraut

Desserts – strudel, Black Forest Cake, buchtel, and lebkuchen

Beers – Shiner Bock, Lowenbrau, Kolsch and Spaten Oktoberfest

There are many more German foods and beers! 

If you plan to attend, please let Randy Harris know and tell him what you plan to bring.

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