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Worship & Music

___Worship Planning Team

___Altar: Prepare and clean up the altar

___ Reader: Read lessons during Sunday morning worship.

___Greeters: Greet people as they arrive for worship and pass out bulletins.

___Ushers: Collect the offering, direct Holy Communion and count worshipers.

___Communion Assistants: Serve wine during the distribution of Holy Communion.

___Sign Retrieval: Collect the street signs after worship.

___Sound Tech: Run the sound board during worship.

___Computer Tech During Worship

___Video Tech During Worship


Christian Education


___ Children�s Education Teacher

___ Children�s Education Assistant

___ Children�s Fellowship Ministry Sponsor

___ Children�s Music Ministry

___ Junior High Ministry

___ Senior High Ministry

___ VBS Coordinator

___ VBS Teacher


Community Service Evangelism


___ God�s Work Our Hands Coordinator

___ Servant Event Coordinator                                 

___ Servant Event Helper

___ Clothing Drive Coordinator

___ Food Bank Coordinator

___ Back to School Promotion Coordinator ___ Helper

___ Christmas Promotion Event         ___Coordinator                       ___Helper




___ Joyful Life Caf� Coordinator

___ Coordinate a Monthly Adult Event (Indicate Month ________________________)

___ Coordinate a Monthly Family Event (Indicate Month _______________________)

___ Coordinate Thanksgiving Fellowship Event

___ Coordinate Christmas Fellowship Event

___ Coordinate a Summer Fellowship Event


___ Building Team Member


___ General Maintenance  - Indicate areas where we can call on your skills: (Examples: Plumbing, Electrical, General Repairs etc) _______________________________________


___ Office Assistant (Thursday Afternoons to produce weekend bulletin)


Ministry Task Forces


The purpose of these Task Forces is to take 3 months to assess our ministry and make plans to help enhance, transform and renew our approach to carrying out our    ministry.


Please be willing to serve on one Task Force.


I want to serve on the following task force to determine the future of the ministry at Joyful Life:


___ Worship


___ Discipleship (education)


___ Fellowship


___ Outreach / Evangelism



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